hmas waller

The third of the Collins Class Submarines to enter service, HMASWaller‘s operational characteristics and range have been tailored specifically for its defence and two ocean surveillance role in the Royal Australian Navy.



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HMAS Waller has evolved from five generations of submarines designed and built by the Swedish Navy. One of the first submarines to be totally designed by computers, HMAS Waller boasts a vast range of features. These include a high performance hull form, highly automated controls, low indiscretion rates, high shock resistance, optimal noise suppression, and an efficient weapons handling and discharge system.

The submarine is named after CAPT Hector Waller, DSO and Bar who, in 1942, was Captain of the cruiser HMAS Perth (I) that was part of a combined Allied force when it was intercepted by the Japanese. All except Perth (I) and USS Houston were sunk. Later, the two ships were intercepted by a Japanese invasion fleet escorted by two cruisers and 12 destroyers. Enormous damage was inflicted on the Japanese fleet. Waller ordered Perth (I) be abandoned as the Japanese closed in.Perth (I) was sunk with her captain, but not before he had fired two torpedo tubes at the convoy. Houston was sunk shortly afterwards.

This Model boat is a handcrafted replica of the real Hmas waller.