hmas sheean

Model boat HMAS Sheean, the real boat is is the fifth Collins Class Submarine built by the ASC in Adelaide, Australia.

Sheean was named after Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean, who was lost when HMAS Armidale (I) was sunk on 1 December 1942 off the Timorese coast. Armidale (I) had survived two days of bombing before being struck by a Japanese aerial torpedo. During the action Ordinary Seaman Sheean was wounded and rather than abandoning ship with the rest of his shipmates, he strapped himself to the aft Oerlikon Gun and continued to fire at the attacking Japanese aircraft until Armidale (I) sank. Sheean was ‘mentioned in dispatches’ for his bravery.

Sheean is the only Australian naval vessel to be named after a sailor, and the Submarine continues to maintain strong ties with Teddy Sheean’s hometown of Latrobe , Tasmania , Australia.