The VOC ship “Batavia” was built on the Peperwerft in Amsterdam. In 1628 the “Batavia” made her first Yoyage to East India. During a storm the ship lost contact with other merchant vessels. After 7 months the “Batavia” ran aground on a reef of the Abrolhos, which are a group of small islands next to the Western Australian Coast. Most of the sailors and passengers swam to the islands, however due to the lack of water and provisions a group of sailors staged a mutiny.Just few crew members and passengers survived the ordeal. Today, the remaining parts of the wreck are in the museum of Fremantle in Australia. The replica was built between 1985 and 1995 by Willem Vos in Lelystad in the Netherlands. Willem Vos used original techniques to build the ship, the result is a high quality replica, which has length of 56 meters and a displacement of 1200 tons.

Size: 168/220L x 35/50W x 177H (cm)