hmas rankin model ship

HMAS Rankin is the final, in a class of six, of Australian built submarines. Based on a Swedish design, these submarines are amongst the largest and most sophisticated conventionally powered submarines in the world. Being specifically designed to meet demanding operational requirements, Rankin’s characteristics have been tailored for defence and surveillance roles.

Rankin boasts an impressive array of features including; a high performance hull form, highly automated controls, low indiscretion rates, optimal noise suppression and efficient weapons handling and discharge systems.

This is a model ship replica of the real Hmas Rankin.


More information

The submarine is named after LCDR Robert William ‘Oscar’ Rankin who distinguished himself in action in World War II. He commanded the sloop HMAS Yarra (II) and was conducting convoy escort duties in the Northern Indian Ocean when attacked by a Japanese force in February 1942. Facing a far superior force of three Heavy Cruisers and two Destroyers, Rankin gallantly positioned his ship between the Japanese and the scattering convoy vessels. Rankin fought his ship to the very last in an intense exchange. He was killed when an eight inch salvo hit the bridge shortly after passing the order to abandon ship. The motto “Defend The Weak” is testimony to Robert Rankin and the Yarra’s determination to defend the unarmed convoy ships.

Rankin is based at Fleet Base West in Western Australia, as a unit in The Australian Submarine Force. “The Black Knight”, as the submarine is affectionately known, is a formidable part of Australia’s Fighting Force and remains ready to live up to the legacy of Robert Rankin. Motto: “DEFEND THE WEAK”

The original motto proposed for HMAS Rankin was “My Ship Your Shield” however the motto had previously been used for HMAS Madang and so was rejected in favour of the current motto.