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Welcome to WorldWide Decor. We sell Model Ships, Hand-made model ships and model boats Paintings, Handcrafted model boats, Handcrafted model ships, Paintings, Poly resin statues and Polyresin Sculptures. WorldWide Decor hopes that you will enjoy your stay at our website. World Wide decor is located on 10 martin road  rockingham WA 6168. Near Rockginham shopping centre.  WorldWideDecor sells both to the public and to Retailers/wholesalers. Please have a look through World Wide Decor home page to find what you are looking for, if you do not find an items initially, please feel free to email us or call us on or (08) 9529 1544. We sell over 100 painting designs, 60 model boats, 50 polyresin sculptures, 40 music statues. WorldWide Decor offers its customers a vast variety of products. Located near Mcdonalds in Rockingham shopping centre this is a place you can not afford to miss. We have opened our doors to our showroom in November 2015. You are most welcome to come. Our polyresin music statues range feature famous replicas. The time it takes to make a model boat is about 100 man hours.